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andrew and jesse : review
We went to see the windmills, we also saw them from the inside. It was interesting. Beceause it was raining we didn't go to volendam, instead of that we went to the wooden shoe factory. but it was taken down. Instead of going to the wooden shoe factory, we had pancakes. They were delicious.

Today we went to a museum, about roman culture in Boxtel, it was interesting. We went to the troop-building, we got a tour, and ate our lunch. After that we went to the campina, and hiked and heard some information about the nature.

Then we had a typical Dutch meal, at our host. We had tomatoe soupe, poffertjes, and stroopwafel ice.

Then we packed up for the Jamboree.

We're looking forward to it, see you at the Jamboree.


andrew and jesse
Vrijdag 18 juli
Programma: Aankomst 1st Whitby, Amsterdam, naar Home Hospitality
Friday July 18
Program: Arrival 1st Whitby, Amsterdam, start Home Hospitality

Zaterdag 19 juli
Programma: Kinderdijk, Volendam, BBQ
Saturday July 19
Program: Kinderdijk windmills, Volendam fisher village, BBQ

Zondag 20 juli
Programma: Museum St. Michielsgestel, Kampina, bagage laden
Sunday July 20
Program: Museum, Kampina (nature close to Boxtel), load camp materials

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